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The Dynamic Duo

Danielle and Matt are best friends who were married the fall of 2006. They met at Cedar Creek Publishing in Paradise, CA where Danielle worked for Matt's parents. After being "just friends" for a year, they decided they liked talking and hanging out together so things progressed from there.

They currently live in Irvine, CA where they enjoy the mild weather and the beautiful walking paths around their home. They sometimes miss weather (like rainy days, or frost), but not too much.

They watch altogether too many movies (curse you Netflix!) but also find time to travel and go on drives, explore Southern California and listen to audiobooks (thanks Audible!). They have been known to drive out to Phoenix, AZ just to have dinner at the nearest Waffle House. For exercise they like playing racquetball and going on long walks together. When they're in Vegas their favorite stop is the Pinball Hall of Fame. Danielle's favorite pinball table is Tron.


Matt likes surfing, playing guitar, messing about with technology, taking artistic pictures and driving his WRX Wagon sideways (at least, he wishes he could drive it sideways, most of the time he just watches Rally and Rallycross drivers drive their cars sideways).



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Read articles that he found interesting from his Instapaper feed here (if you have an iOS device and don't have Instapaper, check it out, it's amazing!).

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Danielle loves people, likes to have fun, can sing like an angel and is basically awesome! She enjoys baking yummy things that tend to increase Matt's waistline.

In her free time, Danielle likes to play word games, hang out with friends and read. She is working her way through Agatha Christie's complete works and also enjoys novels by Jane Austen and Lucy Maud Montgomery. She loves watching talent shows like So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent.

For some reason she really likes things like hemostats and needle-nose pliers.


Social Media

Unlike Matt, Danielle actually responds to people on Facebook. You can find Danielle on Facebook here


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